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The significance of screws

The screw is one of the most vital items utilized in the infrastructure and construction facilities. Various types of structures which are seen these days such as bridges, skyscrapers and even in cars, aeroplanes and railways screws are needed. Although screws may appear small yet these have a great functionality and also have multiple uses. Screws have great significance in the manufacturing domain for assembling and are utilized for varied purposes in offices and households. It is a thin stick made of metal having grooves along the length and a turning head at the top. These are available in diverse sizes that will easily fit whatever one may need it for. Regardless of whether one is doing a simple home project, a machine installation and wood projects, it is vital on their part to choose the right size for ensuring the success and safety of their work.

Screws play an essential role in one's daily life and are a part of various things utilized by them and these have existed for some centuries. Be it for electrical fittings, cabinets or door and window or cars, these are all secured by different types of screws. The need of screws in one's life becomes all the more prominent when one looks around and notices infrastructure such as bridges, vehicles, transport systems, buildings among others whose construction would have become impossible without these.

Types of screws

Screws are made of different materials each designed for a specific purpose. Take a look at a few of the best types.

Flooring screws

These are designed for securing chipboard or timber to metal supports. Manufactured from superior quality material, flooring screws ensure tough exterior while retaining a flexible, troublesome core.

Wood screws

This has especially been designed for all types of wood such as hardwood, chipboard and MDF. A small screw has a lesser likelihood to split wood while on the other hand for those who are using a big screw or is working adjacent the tip of wood, then it is safer to first drill pilot gaps.

Brass screws

This type of Brass screw & Nuts are specially designed for taking care of the outdoor condition with a sturdy, protecting coating.

Self-drilling screw

This type is designed for ease as this solely requires a screwdriver. The self-drilling screws drill their individual holes and type their respective mating thread thereby ensuring the best fit at a single attempt.

Body anchor screws

These are used for fixing door and window frames that are produced from aluminium, wood or PVC-U directly to brickwork devoid of the necessity for nylon anchors or plugs.

A screw offers more holding power and strength than nails. Moreover if something requires to be disassembled, then screw can be removed easily. These are available in a plethora of materials namely stainless steel, brass, aluminium, nylon, copper, ceramic and titanium. These types of screws are astonishingly powerful and versatile enough to hold two varied surfaces intact. Such screws can be distinguished resting upon the job requirement, driving methods, types of threads, head shape and material utilized for making metal pieces.

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