Fastening The Objects with turned components Fastening The Objects with turned components


Fastening The Objects with Turned Components

Brass turned fasteners components like screws, nuts and bolts are essential for construction-based industry. From minor DIY home activity to a large-scale project for professionals, fasteners are crucial components, which are used in every application- smaller or bigger one.

The main function of fasteners is to hold the object to the surface tightly in a firm and lasting approach. Although nuts and brass bolts are not the only fastening turned components available in the market, but the demand share by these components is higher than other turned parts.

Brass fasteners turned components- Bolts and nuts

Brass is a metal having non-corrosive texture and durable built. Moreover, brass is also used for making kitchenware utensils as it kills germs and bacteria. The use of these components is not limited to domestic or industrial purposes only. Turned fasteners components made of aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium are also used in aerospace industry.

Turned fasteners are the components used to affix two or more objects temporarily or permanently. The aerospace fasteners manufacturers hold a vivid collection of rivets and fasteners, which are used in engines, airframes and other hydraulic systems of the aircraft. In aerospace fasteners manufacturing, there are titanium materials, stainless steel and aluminium are used in constructing turned components. Brass is heavy metal and aircrafts require light-weighted parts and fasteners to install. India has many leading suppliers of turned parts mainly made with brass, aluminium and stainless steel. Due to high cost production of titanium components, lesser demand is faced by titanium components manufacturing companies.

The intensity of demand for Indian brass turned components is higher than all other material components. Fasteners like nuts and bolts and screws cover each and every industry including kitchenware, computer hardware, construction, air coolers and conditioners, furniture, etc. Itís all because of the inexpensive brass, which is easily available in Indian market. You canít deny the fact that brass turned components is having more importance in various industries as compared to S.S. fittings and components.

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